Can a tent fit into a Backpack? 4 key points you need to know.
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When I was fourteen or fifteen, I used to go on trips with my family. At that time, “Can a tent fit into a backpack?” was a big query, and no one had an answer. So, we had no option except to attach a large tent to our backpacks, which was quite annoying and used to spoil those memorable trips. But now, the time has changed, and I do not follow that old-fashioned way to begin a voyage, as I can easily fit a tent into my backpack.

Well, it is the beginning of winter, and you probably want to visit some areas with your family to mesmerize your soul and get a break from your hectic life. While making a backpack for a joyful trip, one should ensure many things, among which is that can a tent fit into a backpack along with other luggage is quite significant.

Can a tent fit into a backpack? 

It may seem strange that a tent that functions as a one-room house while hiking can fit into your shoulder backpack, but it is possible. The method is quite simple, but one should consider the poles’ length and your backpack’s capacity, as your shoulder bag must be large enough to carry your tent along with other journey accessories, including some food and some tools.

For example, if your backpack is approximately 30 cm deep, the tent poles (which are frequently problematic in such situations) must be 25 cm. Also, you should practice folding your tent inside your backpack once before going on your expedition. Before accommodating a tent into a backpack, you must consider that the space in your backpack will get smaller after fitting your tent inside it.

How to fit a tent inside a backpack?

As mentioned above, you should practice it before initiating the actual voyage, as fitting a tent in a backpack is somehow tricky. Yet, we will try to help you understand the process after reading this article thoroughly. Here are the precious tips that one should follow in this regard.

  1. Poles adjustment: Try to adjust the poles separately, as these are gigantic compared to other things. Also, it will be more convenient for you if you put them in the vertical direction.
  2. Where do you fit the tent in your backpack? Try to make your tracking more convenient by putting the tent near your back, as it lessens the burden on your shoulders.
  3. Bottom or top: Always try to fit the tent in the bottom of your backpack and other accessories like a water bottle, rope, and food on the top so that you can easily approach them throughout the day.
  4. The direction of the tent: Your tent must be placed in the vertical direction, if it is small and not balanced in this position, try to balance it by using other things like a small stick or a bottle to place it vertically, as this position occupies less space.

Why is it necessary to adjust a tent into a backpack?

Besides easy carrying, there are multiple benefits to fitting your tent into a backpack. Here are a few of them.

1) Protection from rain

After an adventurous and tiresome journey, you will never want to rest in a dripping and wet tent. As it mostly happens when you are tracking in a forest or snowy land, rain frequently dribbles on you, making your tent damp. So, to protect it from the rain, it is best to keep your tent inside the backpack for protection. Also, learn How to set up a tent in rain?

2) Easy to carry

Due to a lack of stability and a heavy load on your back, you usually trip while crossing a bridge, hiking on a mountain, or climbing over a log. And the attached gear may strike surrounding things, such as cables or branches of surrounding trees. And if the act becomes vigorous, you can probably fall or break your tent. So, it is better to avoid such a bad experience.

3) Attaching difficulties

Your tent is too large, and you don’t know how to attach it properly to your pack. Some backpacks contain large straps, while others do not, which is problematic when hooking your tent to your backpack. So, it is better to fit a tent into a backpack without worrying about the space of attachment or the long or short strap of your backpack.

4) The direct effect of sunlight

Less sunlight exposure can make your tent last longer with less tearing. So, keeping your tent inside the backpack will also keep it in good condition, as the drastic effect of sunlight hits it directly. Especially if you’re visiting hot spots.

What are the disadvantages of fitting a tent inside a backpack?

Besides the numerous advantages of managing a tent inside a backpack, there are also certain disadvantages that one should keep in mind before doing this:

1) The backpack becomes heavy

Your backpack becomes so gigantic and bulky that it becomes too difficult to carry it all the time. Also, you might face pain in the girdle bone. In such cases, we recommend you not allow one person to carry the weight of a backpack during the journey.

2) No room for other gear

Even if your tent and poles are smaller, they will still take up the least amount of space in your backpack. And ultimately, your backpack is left with no sufficient capacity for other accessories like food or bottles. In certain cases, you have to carry another small bag for eatables.

Backpack Gear
Backpack Gear

3) Makes other accessories wet and dirty

Suppose you are enjoying a comfortable night inside your tent in rainy weather. To keep you safe, your tent gets filthy and wet. And if you fit a tent inside your backpack, it might make other things dirty and wet.

What are the best backpacks to fit into a tent?

Several tents with flexibility and adjustment capabilities can easily fit inside your backpack. Here are some of them:

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Backpacking Tent

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 2-Person Tent

Coleman Sundome Camping Tent

When should I attach the tent outside the backpack?

There are several reasons why we suggest not fitting a tent into a backpack under certain circumstances. Here are a few of them;

  1. You should not fit into a backpack if it is wet and dirty.
  2. If you need your tent frequently, such as on a rainy day or at night during a thunderstorm, don’t put it in your backpack.
  3. If your bag is full of other accessories, then it is better to attach your tent outside the backpack as you have to manage space for other goods.
  4. Don’t overstress your shoulder, as fitting a tent into a backpack increases your backpack’s weight and bulkiness, which can badly affect your shoulder bone.


These tips and steps are helpful and can overcome your query, “Can a tent fit into a backpack?” Due to the start of the touring season, one should have a thorough knowledge of managing their tent in a backpack. I hope this article will aid you in understanding this.

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