Do tents keep you warm? 9 genius hacks to make a cozy tent
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Tents protect you from harsh weather conditions, i.e., rain, storms, snow, and wind, but they are not enough to keep you warm in cold weather. Whether you buy a 4-season resistant tent, it will help keep you warm but cannot do the job solely. However, investing in a double-layered tent with optimal insulation helps you maintain the inside temperature of the tent in cold weather. In this article, let’s analyze the camper’s most common query, do tents keep you warm?

Tents are made of thin material. Whether a double-layer or a single-layer tent, it is still thin enough to retain heat inside. How much the temperature will vary inside and outside the tent depends on many factors. In cold weather, the temperature is 5 degrees Fahrenheit higher inside the tent. However, if the tent is enclosed, the temperature can be 20 degrees higher inside than outside because of low ventilation. It explains that the winter will still be cold inside the tent without extra gear to keep you warm.

The inside and outside temperature of the tent may also vary with the campsite you choose, how you pitch the tent, and what camping gear you have. Let’s discuss these factors in the upcoming section.

Do Tents Keep you Warm:

1) How do you keep warm in a tent?

Are you wandering about how do you keep warm in a tent. You can stay warm in the tent by following some tips discussed below:

a) Camping Location

Camping Location

Choose a location to set up the tent that gets the most sunlight all day. This way, the tent will absorb most heat during the daytime. Also, if you choose a place where sunlight reaches you right from sunrise, the cold night will feel shorter. You will get sunlight from dawn to dusk at such a location.

b) The Direction of the Tent

Suppose there is a windy environment at the campsite, here you have to take care of the direction of the tent. Keep the tent’s opening away from the wind’s direction. This way, no wind will enter through the zipper gaps and seems. Also, no cold wind will enter the tent whenever you open the door.

c) Dry Area

It is best to place your tent in a dry area. However, it seems impossible if you are in a frozen place. You can make it dry by spreading out a tarp under the tent. The tarp will act as a barrier between your tent and the frozen surface. Therefore, no moisture will enter through the surface of the tent.

In such a situation, we suggest having sleeping mats as an extra barrier between you and the frozen earth.

2) Preparing a Warmer Tent

If the weather is cold and the tips mentioned above are not enough to stay warm, try out these things.

a) Put A Tarp Over the Tent

It will be a plus if you carry a lightweight camping tarp in your backpack. You can put the tarp over the tent when the sun goes down. It will provide an extra layer of insulation to keep the tent warm. Also, the tarp will protect you from heavy wind and rain if the conditions worsen.

b) A Blanket

If camping in winter, remember to take a lightweight camping blanket that you can put in your backpack. These blankets are not hard on the pocket and keep you cozy while relaxing at night inside the camp. If you go camping in a car or weight is not an issue, we suggest carrying a wool blanket. They are pricier but are a must-have in harsh winter.

c) Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags are available in the market with various temperature ratings. It is necessary to choose the right one. Access the temperature you are going camping and buy a sleeping bag accordingly. However, investing in multiple sleeping bags for camping in different seasons is not wise. That’s why we suggest investing in a sleeping bag that offers various temperature ranges and is suitable for camping in different seasons.

d) Keep Clothes and Sleeping Bag Dry

You can’t keep yourself warm if your clothes are wet. Therefore, try to dry your wet clothes during the daytime with the fire. Dry clothes will surely help keep you warm. Furthermore, your sleeping bag gets damp because of the moisture in the night from breathing and the outside temperature difference. Keep it dry and dry it out in the sunlight or fire whenever possible.

e) Body Heat

The human body produces enough heat. If more people are in the tent, there will be multiple heat sources. Also, you will enjoy camping more with your friends and family members. If you can’t take people with you, your pet can also accompany you and will also produce heat.

3) Keeping the Heat Inside the Tent

At this point, you know how to make a tent warm. But once it is warm, the job is not done. It would be best to do specific actions to keep it warm throughout your camping night. We suggest taking the following actions.

a) Keep the Door Closed

Keep the door of the tent closed as much as possible. Only open it when someone has to get in or go out. Also, try to limit the outside visits at night. This way, the heat accumulated in the tent will not lose.

b) A Small Tent

It is easy to keep a small tent warm. These small tents are also known as the best budget tents. Therefore, we suggest using a small tent that is enough for the people camping with you. If you take a large tent with some extra space, it will be hard to keep it warm as the outside temperature continues to drop.

c) Dry Rocks

Dry Rocks
Dry Rocks

You can put some dry rocks in your camping fire. After that, you can place those hot rocks safely inside the tent. They will keep you warm the whole night because rocks cool down slowly.

d) Tent Heaters

Tent heaters are the most useful and safe way to keep the tent warm in cold weather. They are portable, lightweight, and available in different sizes and types. A tent heater is a wise option for camping in freezing weather. However, choose a suitable heater according to the power source and heating output options.


We have discussed how do you keep warm in a tent in cold weather. You also know ways to retain heat inside the tent once it gets warm. We are sure that you will feel comfortable while camping in winter with the tips we discussed with you. While you enjoy camping in winter with these camping tricks for winters, don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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