How to make a tent waterproof? 4 easy ways of sealing a tent
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What will you do if your camping journey is affected by rain? Taking out a waterproof tent and the necessary accessories may not be enough. Maybe your tent is not as waterproof as it was when you purchased it. It may have faced some wear and tear that erased its waterproofing ability. That’s why it is essential to learn how to make a tent waterproof before heading on your next camping journey with a rain prediction. Let’s learn how to do it.

Guide on How to make a tent waterproof

Following are the ways in which you can make your tent and its essential parts waterproof.

How to make tent seams waterproof?

The seams are the connecting points of any two pieces of material. They can be around the windows, doors, between walls, and anywhere else. These points are joined with glue or some other likely material to put both pieces together, but with time, it wears off, making room for the rainwater to seep inside.

How to make tent seams waterproof

Before waterproofing the seams, it is better to check through all the tent seams so that you can do the job at once. Also, if any seams remain unchecked, it can be problematic during your next camping session when it rains. So, check the seams properly, no matter how much time it takes.

You need to buy a quality sealant according to your tent’s material and a brush if there is no applicator with the sealant. Also, doing the job in a clean and dry place would be best. Now place the tent where there is enough room for you to move around, and where the tent sits undisturbed. If there is any rainfly, detach it to reach the seams easily. Clean the tent seams if there is any dust or dirt with a damp cloth or sponge. You can also rub some alcohol on the seams for cleaning. After cleaning, let the tent seams dry.

After the tent seams are dry, take out the sealant and apply a thin coating with the applicator or brush. If there is a tear in the seams, the sealant may not work. You can apply the tape on the outer side of the tear to hold the seams together and apply the sealant on the other side. After the job is done, leave the tent to dry. It may take 10–12 hours. After that, you can pack the tent.

Remember that some seam sealants are to be applied on the inner side, while others are for the outer side. Follow the product instructions for better results. You can also apply the sealant on the inside, outside, or sides.

How to make a tent waterproof?

The tent’s floor is mostly bathtub style which is a few inches above the ground when it meets the tent’s walls. The design aims to have no seams on the ground so that no water seeps inside when the floor gets wet in the rain. When the floor is waterproof, your sleeping bag and all the camping gear will not get wet in rainy weather.

To seal the tent floor, find a dry place and arrange gloves, a mask, sealant, and a cleaning sponge. First, set the tent in a clean area. The tent floor may feel sticky; clean it with a sponge. You can also use some alcohol to rub on the surface to clean it. Let the tent floor dry before you apply the sealant.

When the surface is dry, you can apply the sealant to the floor seams. Also, apply the sealant to the whole floor for better protection during rain. Let the sealant dry according to the product instructions. It may take 8–10 hours. After that, you can pack the tent.

How to make a tent body waterproof?

Besides the floor, windows, and doors, the remaining part of the tent is its body. The tent’s body can be made of mesh or any other material, so you will need an appropriate sealant according to the material of the tent’s body.

To make your tent’s body waterproof, you will need a clean and dry place, a cleaning sponge, and tent sealant. Set up the tent in a dry place and make it wet from the outer side. This way, you will find out where to seal it and mark those areas. After that, take out the sponge to clean the surface. You can also rub some alcohol with the sponge if the surface has dirt. Let it dry.

Tent Body

When the tent is dry, apply a thin layer of the sealant. Remember not to apply the sealant on the mesh parts of the tent; otherwise, it will not remain breathable. Take out the sponge and remove any excess sealant if found in some places. Now let the sealant dry. It may take 8-10 hours, or you can wait according to the product instructions before packing the tent.

How to make a tent rainfly waterproof?

The rainfly is an extra layer to protect the tent from rainwater and other harsh weather conditions. If it is not waterproof, the tent will be directly exposed to rainwater, which will keep you at risk of soaking. This part of your tent needs more frequent recoating to keep you safe in harsh weather.

Choose a dry and clean place to seal the rainfly. You will also need gloves, a mask, sealant according to Rainfly’s fabric type, and an applicator. Take out the sponge and clean the rainfly. You can also rub some alcohol on the sponge if there is any dirt. Now spray the rainfly with water. This way, you will know if the rainfly needs resealing or if it is okay to go on the next camping journey with you.

Let the rainfly dry. Now apply a thin coating of the sealant over the rainfly seams. Let it dry. After that, it is time to apply the sealant to the rainfly fabric. You can spray the sealant on the rainfly fabric to get an even layer throughout the rainfly. Now take out the sponge to wipe any excess sealant. Let it dry again. It is ready to pack and protect you from the rain on the upcoming camping trip.


Now you have learned how to make a tent waterproof. You can seal all the tent parts or do it where necessary. However, checking the rainfly and tent floor most often for leaks is essential. Doing the job on days when you are not camping will save you from any hassle on your camping journey during rainy weather. Also, it will make it easy to set up a tent in the rain.

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