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Are you planning your next outdoor adventure and in need of a reliable backpacking tent that won’t stretch your budget? Here is a list of the best backpacking tents under $200, combining affordability with quality to ensure you have a comfortable and secure shelter on your journey.

best backpacking tents under $200
Best Backpacking Tents Under 200

Whether you’re a seasoned backpacker or new to the world of outdoor exploration, these tents are sure to meet your needs without breaking the bank. Let’s dive in and find the perfect tent for your next adventure!

Out Top Pick Selection:

Our best choices of under $200 backpacking tents are chosen for their weight, weather resistance, durability, and general value for the money. Every tent has a special feature set to meet various requirements and tastes, so you may discover the ideal shelter for your outdoor pursuits without going over budget.

Budget Pick
coleman sundome

Coleman Sundome Camping Tent

  • Material: polyester
  • Occupancy: 6 persons
  • Weight: 15.18 pounds
  • Seasons: 3 Seasons
Editor’s Choice

GEERTOP Ultralight 2 Person Backpacking Tent

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Occupancy: 2 persons
  • Weight: 5.7 pounds
  • Seasons: 4 Seasons
Top Rated

Kelty Grand Mesa 2P or 4P Backpacking Tent

  • Material: 68D Polyester
  • Occupancy: 2 persons
  • Weight: 4 pounds
  • Seasons: 3 Seasons

Best Backpacking Tents Under $200:

1.Coleman Instant Camping Tent

Instant Setup Tent

Coleman Instant Camping Tent

The Coleman Instant Camping Tent, your quick and reliable shelter for outdoor adventures.


  • Material: Fabric
  • Occupancy: 6 Persons
  • Special Feature: Rainfly
  • Recommended Uses: Camping & Hiking Tent
  • Seasons: 3 Seasoned Tent

The Coleman Camping Tent offers unparalleled ease, as its pre-attached poles enable immediate assembly in less than one minute. This tent has an inverted seam to keep water out and welded corners to make it weatherproof. Its WeatherTec system is meant to endure the elements. The integrated rainfly increases ventilation and offers more weather protection.

Easy & Quick Setup: With pre-attached poles, you can set up in as little as a minute and save a ton of time for your outdoor outings. With a central height of six feet and a footprint of ten by nine feet, there is ample space for comfortable movement.

The WeatherTec System: ensures a dry interior during wet weather by preventing water from leaking through welded corners and inverted seams.

Integrated Rainfly: Increases ventilation and airflow, which improves comfort within the tent.

Sturdy Construction: Long-lasting durability is provided by the double-thick Polyguard 2X fabric, which is made to endure the weather season after season.

Roomy Interior: Fits two queen-size air mattresses, providing you and your camping friends with plenty of place to sleep.

You can also enjoy a one-year limited guarantee. It conveniently packs into the included expandable carrying case for easy storage and transportation, making returning home a hassle-free experience.


  • Reliable waterproofing is provided by the WeatherTec technology
  • Airflow is improved with integrated rainfly.
  • Double-thick material to ensure longevity
  • Fits two queen-sized air mattresses.


  • somewhat bulkier than lightweight tents for backpacking

2.Kelty Grand Mesa 2P or 4P Backpacking Tent

Adaptable and Lightweight companion

Kelty Grand Mesa 2P or 4P Backpacking Tent

The Kelty Grand Mesa tents are quick, cheap, and fantastic, like your favorite freeze-dried meal without the heartburn.


  • Material: 68D Polyester
  • Occupancy: 2 Persons
  • Special Feature: Rainfly
  • Recommended Uses: Kelty Quickcorners for Fast EZ Setup
  • Seasons: 3 Seasoned Tent

The Kelty Grand Mesa Backpacking Tent, offers dependability and comfort. These tents are quick, cheap, and fantastic, like your favorite freeze-dried meal without the heartburn.

Quick Corners for quick, easy setup: The Kelty Quick Corners feature makes tent setup fast and easy. These corners hold the poles during erection, providing a solid cabin for camping.

Completely taped EZ-Zip vestibule: The tent includes a completely taped vestibule. You’ll stay dry and comfy in the tent even in wet weather with this feature. The tent has two small foldable, DAC pressfit aluminum poles for portability. These lightweight, robust poles are great for hiking journeys where every ounce counts. The tent’s lightweight construction makes it easy to transport on outdoor activities.

Shark Mouth carry pouch for simple packing: The tent has a Shark Mouth carry bag for convenient packing. The bag can fit the tent and its accessories, making it easy to store and transfer between camping trips.

Durable Water Repellent: The tent is PFAS-Free DWR (Durable Water Repellent). This eco-friendly coating resists water, keeping you dry and comfortable in the tent even in wet weather. DWR finish is eco-friendly, making it a sustainable outdoor option.

The Kelty Grand Mesa 2P or 4P Backpacking Tent is dependable and adaptable. This lightweight, robust, and easy-to-setup tent is perfect for backpackers, thru-hikers, and campers who want ease, durability, and comfort.


  • Kelty Quick Corners secure poles during setup.
  • Fully-tapered EZ-Zip vestibule
  • Shark Mouth carry case simplifies packing and storing
  • 2 DAC pressfit aluminum poles, compact folding
  • Durable 68D polyester tent floor and rainfly fabric
  • Full-seam construction
  • Easy setup with color-coded clip and fly attachment
  • The lightweight, freestanding tent may be set and moved about to locate the perfect place. Lightweight materials add 4lbs. 1oz (2-person) or 6lbs. 13oz (4-person).


  • Quick Corners for quick, simple setup
  • Fully-tapered EZ-Zip vestibule
  • Aluminium poles reduce carry weight
  • Shark Mouth travel pouch for simple packingUp to PFAS-Free DWR


  • Limited size (2P or 4P)

3.GEERTOP 2 Person Ultralight Backpacking Tent

Your Perfect Camping Companion

GEERTOP 2 Person Ultralight Backpacking Tent

The GEERTOP 2 Person Ultralight Backpacking Tent, your compact and durable shelter for wilderness exploration.


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Occupancy: 2 Persons
  • Special Feature: Rainproof, Windproof, Snowproof
  • Recommended Uses: Backpacking, Travelling, Beach, Hunting, Camping & Hiking, Mountaineering, Survival
  • Seasons: 4 Seasoned Tent

The GEERTOP Ultralight 2 Person Backpacking Tent is an adaptable and long-lasting shelter that is appropriate for use in any season, allowing you to venture into the great outdoors. This tent is designed to provide complete protection and luxury while hiking, camping, hunting, or mountaineering.

Waterproof and Spacious Design

Designed to fit a maximum of two individuals, making it an optimal choice for couples or solitary travelers.
The inner tent measures 82.6 inches in length, 55 inches in width, and 45 inches in height. It also features vestibules that provide space for storing goods.
The 210T anti-tear polyester and PU3000mm waterproof rating of the double-layer construction guarantee resilience and protection from the elements.

Easy Installation and Lightweight

A two-pole, freestanding design that facilitates rapid and effortless assembly.
Its weight of less than 7 pounds renders it well-suited for brief excursions, bike camping, and backpacking.
The 17 x 7 x 7-inch carrying volume facilitates transport and stowage.

Ventilated and Breathable

Dual closures and two D-shaped double doors with mesh panels provide exceptional ventilation.
Reflective man lines and aluminum stakes provide stability and wind resistance.

Adaptable and Dependable

Adaptable to all seasons, featuring an integrated snow skirt to accommodate inclement weather or snowfall.
Ideal for mountaineering, angling, canoeing, and expeditions, among other activities.
For nighttime visibility, a durable, two-sided fastener and reflective strands are incorporated.


  • Watertight and waterproof for year-round use.
  • Compact and lightweight to facilitate transport.
  • Outstanding circulation and ventilation for comfort.
  • Adaptable and appropriate for a wide range of outdoor pursuits.


  • For beginners, setup may require some practice.
  • Potentially vulnerable to severe weather conditions.
  • Inadequate vestibule space for storing equipment during wet weather.

4.Naturehike Cloud-Up 2 Person Tent Lightweight Backpacking Tent

Your Ultimate Backpacking Shelter

Naturehike Cloud-Up Lightweight Backpacking Tent

The Naturehike Cloud-Up 2 Person Tent, the ultimate lightweight backpacking tent for your outdoor adventures, combining durability, comfort, and easy setup in one compact package.


  • Material: Nylon
  • Occupancy: 2 Persons
  • Special Feature: Rainproof, Windproof, Snowproof
  • Recommended Uses: Camping & Hiking Tent
  • Seasons: 3 Seasoned Tent

The Naturehike Cloud-Up 2 Person Tent is a dependable and lightweight shelter that is ideal for campers, hikers, and backpackers who want comfort and functionality. This tent is the ideal traveling companion because of its simple setup, sturdy construction, and roomy interior.

Simple Assembly and Free-Standing Structure

It is the simplest tent to erect because to its Y-shape construction, which makes it self-standing without the need for peg nails. One set of aluminum alloy tent poles is included for assembly in under two minutes. It is ideal for fishing, mountaineering, cycling, hiking, bikepacking, backpacking, and car camping.

Windproof and Waterproof

The interior will remain dry even in the heaviest downpour thanks to the PU4000mm waterproof 20D nylon with silicone coating because sealed edges and seams stop leaks, it’s appropriate. It is weather-resistant because to its sealed seams and corners, which stop leaks. In high winds, the 7001 aluminum alloy poles offer reliable support.

Roomy and Lightweight

The Naturehike cloudup tent with dimensions of 82.7″L x 49.2″W x 41.3″H, provides ample space for two individuals to sleep comfortably. It is incredibly lightweight and convenient to put in your bag at just 3.97 pounds and compact (17.7″ x 4.7″ x 4.7″) when packed to free up room for additional camping supplies.

Two-Phase Pattern

This tent has two layers to increase the area and ventilation between the inner tent and fly. Good ventilation and airflow are provided by the inner tent’s high-density B3 mesh. Its rainfly may be utilized independently as a sun shade.

It includes a carry bag, rain fly, inner tent, guy lines, aluminum alloy poles, tent stakes, and inner tent.
Pre-bent poles for durability, rip-stop fabric materials, mesh inner pockets, and YKK dual zippers are examples of premium quality elements.


  • Simple and easy setup that is ideal for novices.
  • roomy interior with a vestibule for storing equipment.
  • For hiking and trekking, lightweight and small.
  • Double-layered construction for more airflow and room.
  • The structure is wind- and water-resistant.


  • In windy circumstances, setup might be difficult.
  • Insufficient headroom for taller people.
  • The footprint might increase the pack’s total weight.

5.Coleman Sundome Camping Tent, 2/3/4/6 Person Dome Tent

Your Shelter for Outdoor Adventures

Coleman Sundome Camping Tent

The Coleman Sundome Camping Tent, available in 2, 3, 4, and 6-person sizes, designed for easy setup and maximum comfort during your camping adventures.

coleman sundome


  • Material: Polyester
  • Occupancy: 6 Persons
  • Special Feature: Rainfly
  • Recommended Uses: Camping & Hiking Tent
  • Seasons: 3 Seasoned Tent

The Coleman Sundome Camping Tent is an ideal companion for backyard excursions, camping, festivals, and sleepovers. The 10 x 10 ft. tent with a 6 ft. center height provides ample capacity for two airbeds of queen size. By virtue of its straightforward assembly, weather-resistant construction, and well-ventilated design, this tent affords you and your companions a pleasant and comfortable camping experience.

Prevents Rain and Wind

Water-resistant features of the WeatherTec system include a tub-shaped floor, welded corners, inverted seams, and sealed seams on the rainfly and tent body.
A sturdy structure that has been verified to withstand winds of up to 35 mph guarantees stability and protection during severe weather conditions.

Simple Setup

Continuous pole casings that prevent snags expedite and simplify tent assembly, enabling one to erect the structure in less than ten minutes.

Vividly Ventilated

By permitting cold air to enter and heated air to exit through two windows and one ground vent, the interior is kept comfortable and well-ventilated.

Electron Port

E-Port facilitates the transfer of electrical power into the tent, enabling you to maintain connectivity and utilize electric lighting or devices.

Each of Two Awnings

During rainstorms, two awnings provide additional weather protection over the rear window and front entrance, keeping you dry.

Purpose Pockets

Gear compartments located within the tent facilitate the storage and organization of small items, ensuring that essentials are readily accessible.

The tent is backed by a one-year limited warranty, which guarantees its durability for numerous camping excursions.


  • Powerfully blocks wind and precipitation.
  • Simple and rapid setup.
  • Two additional awnings provide weather protection.
  • The roomy interior accommodates two queen-sized airbeds.
  • Gear compartments for organization and stowage.


  • Headroom is restricted for taller individuals.
  • Rainfly configuration could be enhanced to provide more coverage.

6.Forceatt Waterproof & Windproof Lightweight Backpacking Tent

Forceatt Waterproof & Windproof Lightweight Backpacking Tent

The Forceatt Waterproof & Windproof Lightweight Backpacking Tent, a reliable shelter designed for adventurers seeking durability and comfort in their outdoor pursuits.


  • Material: Polyester
  • Occupancy: 2 Persons
  • Special Feature: Windproof, Waterproof, Lightweight
  • Recommended Uses: Camping & Hiking Tent
  • Seasons: 4 Seasoned Tent

Those who seek comfort, durability, and convenience in an outdoor shelter will find the Forceatt Camping Tent to be an ideal fit. This tent is ideal for traveling, trekking, camping, or mountaineering due to its combination of lightweight portability and durable weather protection.

Compact and Practical

The internal dimensions of 86.6×51.1×43.3in (220x130x110cm) provide comfortable space for two individuals. With a dimensions of 41 x 14 cm and a weight of 5.68 pounds (2.58 kilograms), this product is portable and conserves space in your knapsack.

Waterproof and Resilient

A PU3000-PU5000 coated polyester rainfly, groundsheet, and bathtub that provides weather resistance and firmness. In windy or wet conditions, 7001 aluminum poles, iron ground supports, and windproof rope assure durability and resistance to deformation. Seams that are sealed with tape remain comfortable and dry throughout the year and in any weather.

Design Professionalism

This tents comes with two D-shaped entrances provide easy access and egress and two side vestibules offer additional space for carrying backpacks or shoes. A sizable mesh window and two ceiling outlets provide ventilation and circulation.

Rapid Installation & Removal

Three minutes are required for assembly and disassembly, while the time required to deconstruct is under two minutes.

Exemplary Post-Sale Service: Customer satisfaction is guaranteed by free replacement.


  • Pportable and lightweight.
  • Windproof and watertight for protection.
  • Rapid and effortless assembly and disassembly.
  • Commendable post-purchase assistance and customer support.


  • Potentially unsuitable for severe weather conditions.
  • Certain users might discover the configuration instructions to be difficult to adhere to.

7.Kelty Discovery Trail Backpacking Tent

Your Companion in the Wilderness

Kelty Discovery Trail Backpacking Tent

The Kelty Discovery Trail Backpacking Tent under 200, a versatile and lightweight shelter designed for adventurous backpackers. With its spacious interior, easy setup, and durable construction, this tent is perfect for solo or duo excursions into the wilderness.


  • Material: Polyester
  • Occupancy: 1 Person
  • Special Feature: Easy Setup, Lightweight design
  • Recommended Uses: Backpacking, Camping & Hiking Tent
  • Seasons: 3 Seasoned Tent

The Kelty Discovery Trail Backpacking Tent strikes a balance between affordability and features, making it suitable for both novice and experienced trekkers. This tent provides a dependable shelter that is also lightweight and simple to assemble, making it an ideal option for budget-conscious backcountry travelers.

The Discovery Trail series is a financially savvy and feature-rich addition to any camping equipment collection. For a hassle-free experience, assembly is simplified with Kelty Quick Corners, lightweight pressfit aluminum poles, and pre-attached guylines.

Backcountry Lodging

Due to its single entrance and vestibule configuration, the tent is portable and easy to operate.
A impermeable fly and taped seams provide weather protection, whereas the fly vent mitigates condensation.

Preserving Natural Areas

Kelty is a founding member of The Conservation Alliance, an organization dedicated to the preservation of natural spaces.
Fabrics and coatings that are devoid of DWR and PFC contribute to the tent’s reduced environmental impact.

Available in options to accommodate one, two, or three people, with weight and floor space variations to suit your requirements. A shark mouth stuff pouch is included with the tent for simple packaging and storage.


  • Packing-friendly and simple to assemble, it is ideal for backpacking excursions.
  • Affordability without sacrificing product quality.
  • Eco-friendly coatings and treatments for fabrics.
  • Various sizes are available to facilitate both solitary and group adventurers.


  • The design of a vestibule and single entrance may be restrictive for some residents.
  • Restrictive headroom for compact models.
  • Packing-friendly and simple to assemble, it is ideal for backpacking excursions.

Final Thoughts:

Choosing the finest hiking tent under $200 doesn’t sacrifice quality or functionality. These tents are affordable, durable, and useful, making them ideal for your next outdoor expedition. A sturdy tent is essential for a comfortable and pleasurable backpacking trip, regardless of your expertise. You can discover a high-performance tent within your budget with the alternatives offered.

The best backpacking tent under $200 depends on your specific needs. The Coleman Camping Tent offers quick setup and weatherproofing. The Kelty Grand Mesa is easy to set up and has a spacious vestibule. The GEERTOP Ultralight is waterproof and spacious. The Naturehike Cloud-Up is simple to assemble and free-standing. The Forceatt Camping Tent is compact and waterproof. Consider these options for your next outdoor adventure.

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